Software for optical instruments
product software

You can control our optical instruments from PC.
A serial number and your company name are required to download software.
Some of them are provided by CD-ROM only.

Models Download Names Compatible Models Windows *
7 8.1 10
MAX-350-S-N Download Software for Xenon Light Source MAX-350
LMC-S-N CD-ROM Software for Monochromatic Illuminator MAX-350 / MAX-303 / HAL-320 / LAX-C100 / FHL-102
CMS-100 / CMS-250
CMS-API Download Program Control Library CMS-100
TLV-S-N Download Software for Transmittance Meter TLV-304-LC / TLV-304-BP / TLV-304-IR
* Both 32bit and 64bit are available. We support both English OS and Japanese OS.
* We do not support Unix, Linux and macOS
* You cannot use our software by a tablet PC.