Halogen Light Source 100W

product model FHL-102


Halogen Light Source 100W


  • NIR output
  • Light control by the variable slit
  • Compact design
  • High stability
  • Flexible illumination by light guide
  • RS-485 remote control *Option

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Halogen Light Source FHL-102

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Lamp Replacement and Mounting Heatsink

figure FHL-102 Spectral Output
Shutter Function
Light Control Function

The light intensity is mechanically controlled by the variable slit.
There is no change in color temperature.

figure telecentric backlight illumination
Telecentric Backlight Illumination

You can reflect the sample silhouette sharply by using the telecentric uniform illumination unit as the backlight illuminator.

product Light Guide
Light Guide

The output light from the FHL-102 is delivered to a desired direction by the light guide.
We also offer a multi-branch light guide for custom.

figure Light Guide Spectral Performance

product Collimator Lens
Collimator Lens

The collimator lens achieves a square uniform illumination by connecting to a light guide.

  • Uniformity is around 90%
  • 3 choices of illuminated area size
  • Focus is adjustable at any working distance
figure Collimator Lens

product Telecentric uniform illumination unit for RLQL80-1
Telecentric Uniform Illumination Unit

The telecentric uniform illumination unit achieves a parallel illumination by connecting to a collimator lens.

  • Uniform illumination
  • 2 choices of illuminated area size
  • Light intensity is the same at any working distance

Movie Clip (YouTube)

figure Telecentric uniform illumination unit for RLQL80-1

product Line Light Guide
Line Light Guide

The line light guide delivers light with the line shape.

product Ring Light Guide
Ring Light Guide

The ring light guide achieves a shadowless uniform illumination by illuminating from all directions.

product Filter Holder
Filter Holder

An optical filter can be mounted inside the unit with the filter holder.

*Size: 50x50mm / Thickness: Less than 6mm
Model FHL-102
Output wavelength from VIS to NIR
Input voltage AC100 - 240V 50/60Hz
  (Input range: AC90 - 264V)
Apparent power Less than 170VA
Lamp type Reflector halogen lamp 100W 12V100W (AL)
Lamp voltage, current 12V100W(DC) *Representative value
Lamp life 1000h (Average) *Not guaranteed
Cooling method Forced air cooling
Functions Shutter Open/Close: Solenoidal drive
  Light intensity control: Variable slit
Control method Built-in controller
Remote control RS-485
Safety mechanism Cooling fan problem, Lamp status monitor (RS-485)
Recommended environment Temperature 10 - 35 deg C
  Humidity 20 - 80% *Avoid condensation
Dimensions 155(W) x 280(D) x 131(H)mm
Weight 3.4kg