Astronomical Filters

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Asahi has provided astronomical filters, dichroic beam splitters, or windows with broadband AR to world's well-known observatories in Chile, Hawaii, Canary, and Arizona for over twenty years. Unlike cheap astronomical filters for amateurs sold online, Asahi astronomical filters are fabricated to meet many hard requirements for sciences from professional astronomers.

We are always willing to challenge new technologies to cooperate with the unique instruments.
Let's discuss with us what you currently require for your science.

Asahi astronomical filters were provided to the following observatories or telescopes.


  • DECam / Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
  • ODI / WIYN Observatory
  • MegaCam / Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope
  • Megacam, IMACS / Magellan Telescope
  • LBC / Large Binocular Telescope
  • LFC / Hale Telescope
  • SDSS / Apache Point Observatory
  • Discovery Channel Telescope
  • Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network
  • W. M. Keck Observatory
  • Binospec / MMT Observatory
  • Kitt Peak National Observatory
  • Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
  • Carnegie Observatories


  • European Southern Observatory
  • OGLE / Warsaw University Telescope
  • FORS1 / Very Large Telescope
  • PAUCam, HiPERCAM, ULTRACAM / William Herschel Telescope
  • Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias


  • Hyper Suprime-Cam, Suprime-Cam / Subaru Telescope
  • KMTNet / Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute


  • HRS, South African Large Telescope