SDSS filters (Conventional)

Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) is one of the most common and important photometric
systems in modern astronomy.
The large volume of survey data gotten by the SDSS team became the cultural legacy.
Broad bandpass filters installed in the wide field cameras are defined on the basis of SDSS
photometric system.

Asahi provided the world's first SDSS u, g, r, i, z-band filters to the 2.5 m telescope at
Apache Point Observatory (APO) in New Mexico twenty years ago.
Unlike SDSS filters sold on internet, we produce under the spectral response in the
2.5 m telescope as SDSS project suggested.

"Incorrect" SDSS filters in terms of cut-on/off wavelengths are sometimes found on the website.
For example, "broad bandpass type" z-band filter is sold by some vendors, but different from
the orignal z-band definition by the SDSS team.
figure SDSS filters for HiPERCAM at GTC