Transmittance Meter

product model TLV-304-BP


Quick check of transmittance with intended wavelength by a bandpass filter


  • Selectable wavelength by bandpass filter *Option
  • One-touch calibration
  • Not affected by ambient light
  • Long lamp life
  • Remote control software
  • Judgment function

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figure TLV-304-BP Explanation

The TLV-304-BP is a compact transmittance meter. This unit quickly measures the transmittance with intended wavelength by bandpass filters.
It allows easy measurement by placing a sample after one-touch calibration.
It is suitable for a quick inspection process to conduct large volume of measurements.

figure TLV-304-BP Optical Configuration
  • Transparent conductive film glass
  • Film
  • Glass blank
  • Resin material
  • Filter glass
Output wavelength440-730nm *Specified by a filter
Spectroscopy deviceBandpass filter 25mm dia.
Light sourceWhite LED
Display4 digit digital display (xxx.x) Unit: %
Measurement accuracyWithin ± 2% *1
Measurement reproducibilityWithin ± 0.5%
Measurement time200ms
Distance between detector and light sourceApproximately 50mm
Beam diameter6mm dia.
Sample sizeMin. 15mm dia.
Input voltageAC100 - 240V 50/60Hz (Input range: AC85 - 264V)
Apparent powerLess than 7VA (AC100V/50Hz)
Remote controlRS485 *The cable is optional.
Recommended environmentTemperature 10 - 35 deg C
 Humidity less than 70% *Avoid condensation
Dimensions150(W) x 204(D) x 213(H)mm
*1 It is calculated by a measurement of JQA guaranteed sample.