Single Monochromator

product model CMS-100


Fast single monochromator with Czerny-Turner design


  • Tuning wavelength from 250nm to 900nm with our light source
  • Monochromatic light (Resolution: 2.6nm~)
  • Fast monochromator (F/2.8)
  • Adjustable slit width
  • Selectable blaze wavelength
  • External touch panel controller

Movie clips

MAX-303 + CMS-100 Movie 1

How to connect >MAX-303 and CMS-100

MAX-303 + CMS-100 Movie 2

Tuning the wavelength MAX-303 + CMS-100

figure Czerny-Turner Design
Czerny-Turner Design

Fast single monochromator of the Czerny-Turner design.

product Collimator lens unit
Program control library (API)

RS485 cable

Adapter cable

Collimator lens unit

Lens unit for emitting the parallel light.

Model CMS-100
Optical configuration Czerny-Turner
Focal length 100mm
F-number F/2.8
Wavelength range 220 - 900nm (Effective range)
  *It depends on the grating.
  0 - 900nm (Settable range)
Reciprocal linear dispersion 8.3nm/mm (at 550nm)
Resolution 1) 2.6nm 2) 4.3nm 3) 8.6nm
  *It depends on the slit width. (Calculated value at 546.1nm)
Wavelength accuracy ±1.0nm *Room temperature: 25 deg C
Wavelength reproducibility ±0.2nm *Room temperature: 25 deg C
Minimum step 0.1nm (Pulse motor drive)
Grating Size 40 x 40mm
  Clear aperture 36 x 36mm
  Groove density 1200g/mm
  Blaze wavelength 250nm, 400nm, 500nm *Select 1 type.
Slit W x H / 1) 0.3 x 3.0mm 2) 0.5 x 3.0mm 3) 1.0 x 3.0mm
  *It can be selected automatically by controller.
Scanning method Sine-bar
Driving method Pulsed motor drive
Input voltage DC12V
  AC adapter input range AC100 - 240V 50/60Hz
Apparent power Less than 15VA (AC100V/50Hz)
  Less than 15VA (AC240V/50Hz)
Remote control RS-485 and adapter cable
Recommended environment Temperature 10 - 35 deg C
  Humidity less than 70% *Avoid condensation
Dimensions Main unit 231(W) x 175(D) x 143(H)mm
  Controller 160(W) x 100(D) x 47(H)mm
Weight Main unit 5.6kg
  Controller 0.7kg (Not including cable)
Blaze Wavelength and Diffraction Efficiency (Groove density 1200g/mm)
figure Blaze Wavelength and Diffraction Efficiency (Groove density 1200g/mm)