Bandpass Filters for Light Sources

Asahi Spectra offers a wide variety of narrow bandpass filters for monochromatic illumination with our light source.
You are able to obtain a high transmission in UV range.

figure system configuration
figure Bandpass Filters for Light Sources
CWL Item# Mirror Module
254nm XHQA254 UVB UV
260nm XHQA260
270nm XHQA270
280nm XHQA280
290nm XHQA290
300nm XHQA300 UVA UV-VIS
310nm XHQA310
313nm XHQA313
320nm XHQA320
330nm XHQA330
334nm XHQA334
340nm XHQA340
350nm XHQA350
360nm XHQA360
365nm XHQA365
370nm XHQA370
380nm XHQA380
390nm XHQA390 *1
400nm XBPA400 VIS VIS
405nm XBPA405
410nm XBPA410
420nm XBPA420
430nm XBPA430
436nm XBPA436
440nm XBPA440
450nm XBPA450
460nm XBPA460
470nm XBPA470
480nm XBPA480
490nm XBPA490
500nm XBPA500
510nm XBPA510
520nm XBPA520
530nm XBPA530
540nm XBPA540
550nm XBPA550
560nm XBPA560
570nm XBPA570
580nm XBPA580
590nm XBPA590
600nm XBPA600
610nm XBPA610 VIS
620nm XBPA620
630nm XBPA630
640nm XBPA640
650nm XBPA650
660nm XBPA660
670nm XBPA670
680nm XBPA680
690nm XBPA690
700nm XBPA700
710nm XBPA710 IR
720nm XBPA720
730nm XBPA730
740nm XBPA740
750nm XBPA750 IR
760nm XBPA760
770nm XBPA770
780nm XBPA780
790nm XBPA790
800nm XBPA800
810nm XBPA810
820nm XBPA820
830nm XBPA830
840nm XBPA840
850nm XBPA850
860nm XBPA860
870nm XBPA870
880nm XBPA880
890nm XBPA890
900nm XBPA900
*1 The transmission is lower due to characteristics of mirror modules.