1 SUN Checker for Solar Simulator

product model CS-0

CS-20, CS-40

They can monitor 1 SUN illumination of your solar simulator

CS-20 ... for HAL-320
CS-40 ... for HAL-320W


  • Quick check of a light intensity
  • Simple digital display
  • Battery-operated palm-size unit
  • Analog output is available

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figure How to set 1 SUN?
How to set 1 SUN

1. Shade a sensor head, and set the display value to "0.000" by offset adjustment volume.
2. Illuminate with 1 SUN by your solar simulator to the sensor head,
   (1 sun light intensity has to be confirmed in advance by the user.)
   and set the display value to "1.000" by gain adjustment volume.

figure How to set 1 SUN?

3. After the initial settings, you can adjust the light intensity of your solar simulator according to
    the value of them to keep up 1 SUN illumination.*
*Spectral curve is not considered.

Model CS-20 (for HAL-320), CS-40 (for HAL-320W)
LCD Digital 3.5 digit
Display range *1 0.000 - 1.999 (SUN)
Over range display 1._ (_ is blank)
Detector Silicon photo diode (for CS-20) / Silicon photo diode and InGaAs PIN diode (for CS-40)
M27 thread part Filter holder mounting position *2
  Usable filter size: 25mm dia. / Thickness: below 6mm
Output range 1mV/digit (Above 2V is not covered under warranty)
Maximum saturation voltage Below +5V
Connected load More than 100kΩ, less than 500pF
Power source 006P(9V) battery x 1
Fuse 250mA
Recommended environment Temperature 23 deg C ±5 deg C
  Humidity 30 - 80% (Avoid condensation)
Dimensions Controller 66.5(W) x 112(D) x 28(H)mm
  Sensor head 35(W) x 50(D) x 15(H)mm (CS-20) / 35(W) x 50(D) x 22.5(H)mm (CS-40)
Weight 225g (CS-20) / 250g (CS-40)
Standard accessory 3.5mm dia. mini plug cable
*1 The display value is the relative value for the preset "1.000", which does not guarantee both the spectral irradiance of your solar simulator and any absolute values.
*2 Filter holder is optional.