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September 28, 2017

2017 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit

2017 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit

Booth No. 1028
November 28-30 2017
Hynes Convention Center
Boston, MA, USA

Asahi Spectra will exhibit our products at the 2017 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit in Boston, MA, USA. We will exhibit the new monochromatic illuminator system,
MAX-350 which is useful especially for photochemical study and material research. The monochromatic light is generated by embedded optical components.
There is less IR heat damage to a sample thanks to its unique design. In addition, it is also easy to select several wavelengths quickly.
We will also exhibit the rod unit to illuminate a sample in solution. The prototype of photoreaction and absorbance measurement unit will be exhibited, too.
This unit is for measuring an absorbance just after an excitation with one touch operation. Visit to our booth #1028, and find out a solution for your research.

We will exhibit the following items at the site.