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 Monochromatic Illuminator System

product Monochromatic Illuminator
 System Configuration Example
figure System Configuration Example
 Measured Data
figure Spectral Intensity
 Light Intensity (Reference value)
Wavelength (nm) Light intensity (μW/cm²) Mirror module
320 221 UV
380 265
400 287 VIS
550 158
700 57
800 39 IR
900 80

[Measurement condition]
Illuminated area : 20×20mm
Resolution : 8.6nm
Grating : 400nm 1200g/mm

image Application Field
  • CCD characterization
  • Photoisomerization
  • Photocatalytic reaction
product Software LMC-S-N
Software LMC-S-N

LMC-S-N enables to control both of a light source and a monochromator at the same time.
Other options are individual control and creating the same level of light intensity in a certain wavelength range.

figure Software LMC-S-N

Select blaze wavelength when you ordering.

figure Blaze Wavelength and Diffraction Efficiency (Groove density 1200g/mm)
product Light Guide
Light Guide

The illuminating light from the MAX-303 is delivered to the point of use by the light guide efficiently.

figure Light Guide Spectral Performance
product Collimator Lens
Collimator Lens

Collimator lens reduces the divergence of light from the light guide and provide uniform light output. It is suitable for directional backlighting which requires clear silhouette of an object.

figure Collimator Lens