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 Solar Simulator (400-1100nm)

product model HAL-C100
 Compact solar simulator achieves Class AAA with fiber output system
Wavelength (nm) Energy Distribution (%) Spectral
400 - 500 21.0 18.4 1.14 A
500 - 600 20.3 19.9 1.02 A
600 - 700 17.8 18.4 0.97 A
700 - 800 13.2 14.9 0.89 A
800 - 900 11.8 12.5 0.94 A
900 - 1100 15.8 15.9 0.99 A
parts class A
Spectral Match

Our own designed AM1.5G filter corrects xenon emission lines according to Class A.
This simulator can evaluate not only a crystal type, also dye- sensitized solar cells, CIGS and so on.

figure Temporal Stability of Irradiance
parts class A
Temporal Stability of Irradiance

There is less flicker and stable output at long times.

*If you use the HAL-C100 for a long time, we recommend that you use the constant-voltage power supply so that the HAL-C100 is not influenced by the change of load.

figure Uniformity
parts class A

The calculated value of 1SUN in the range of 400-1100nm is about 75mW/cm².
Working distance: about 224mm

You can obtain Class A uniformity in the area 12x12mm with 1 SUN intensity when you set the ND control by about 50% of initial lamp as described in the right figure.(factory default setting)
Light intensity decline due to a lamp life can be adjusted by light intensity control.
Above the size of class A area is reference value. Please note that the output of lamp varies among the manufacturing lots.

Item Class A Class B Class C
Positional uniformity of irradiance (%) </=±2 </=±3 </=±10
Temporal stability of irradiance (%) </=±1 </=±3 </=±10
Spectral match 0.75 - 1.25 0.6 - 1.4 0.4 - 2.0
JIS Classification

JIS, Japanese industrial standards is equivalent to IEC.

 Flexible Configuration with Light Guide
figure Flexible Configuration with Light Guide
 Solar Simulator for Various Inspection and Research
figure Solar Simulator for Various Inspection and Research
product Stand for Collimator Lens
Stand for Collimator Lens

This mounting system offers superior stability and versatility.

product model CS-30
1 SUN Checker CS-30

1 SUN checker is used for checking the light intensity (1 SUN) of HAL-C100. It is battery operated and portable.

product Light Guide (PVC)
Light Guide (TPO)

This light guide is the option for bringing a light into a glove box. The gauge port is equipped.

product Telecentric uniform illumination unit for RLQL80-1
Telecentric Uniform Illumination Unit

The telecentric uniform illumination unit achieves a parallel illumination by connecting to a collimator lens.

product High Condensing Lens
High Condensing Lens

The high condensing lens achieves a high density illumination by connecting to a light guide.



Output wavelength

400 - 1100nm

Circuit method

Switching power supply

Input voltage

AC100V 50/60Hz (Input range: AC90 - 132V)


AC200V 50/60Hz (Input range: AC198 - 264V)


*Select input voltage when placing an order.

Apparent power

Less than 350VA (AC100V/50Hz)


Less than 440VA (AC240V/50Hz)

Lamp type

Xenon lamp 100W

Lamp voltage, current

12.8 - 14V 7.2A (DC) *Representative value

Lamp life

500h (Average)


*When the light intensity has decreased by 50% from the initial value.

Optical axis alignment

Cartridge type (Alignment-free)

Cooling method

Forced air cooling


Pulsed motor drive

Light intensity control

100 - 5 (Steps)


Continuously variable

Air Mass filter

Air Mass 1.5G filter

Emitting method

Bundled light guide



Remote control

RS232C *The cable must be less than 3m.

Safety mechanism

Xenon lamp problem, Rear door is open,


Lamp usage exceeds 500 hours, Cooling fan problem,


Temperature anomaly

Recommended environment

Temperature 10 - 35 deg C


Humidity 20 - 80% *Avoid condensation


200(W) x 340(D) x 245(H)mm