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 MAX-303 Application

product Photochromic Materials Research
 System Configuration Example
figure System Configuration Example
figure Photoisomerization of Azobenzene
Photoisomerization of Azobenzene

This system can cause photochromic behavior by illuminating monochromatic light with desirable wavelength (UV-VIS).

product Mirror Module
Mirror Module

The mirror module can specify a pass band with blocking IR range.

Type Wavelength
UV 250 - 385nm
VIS 385 - 740nm
UV-VIS 300 - 600nm
figure Mirror Module Spectral Output
product Light Guide
Light Guide

The illuminating light from the MAX-303 is delivered to the point of use by the light guide efficiently.

figure Light Guide Spectral Performance
product XBPA and XHQA Series Optical Filters
Optical Filters

We prepare the optimized narrow bandpass filters from UV to NIR range. You can obtain monochromatic light with high transmission even in UV range. See our website in detail.

figure Optical filter Example XHQA254
figure Mirror Module
product Collimator Lens
Collimator Lens

Collimator lens reduces the divergence of light from the light guide and provide uniform light output to a sample.
Focus is adjustable in each working distance.

figure Collimator Lens