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 Xenon Light Source 300W Monochromatic Light with Filters

product model MAX-303
figure MAX-303 Optical System
Extremely bright and heatless light source which can illuminate desired wavelength

The MAX-303, 300W xenon light source, is the perfect illuminator with complete heat blocking design, using an originally designed mirror module.
The MAX-303 has all useful functions such as mirror module, filter wheel, ND variable control, timed shutter and remote control.

figure Monochromatic Light with Optical Filters
Monochromatic Light with Optical Filters

Monochromatic light output by optical filter

  • Bright monochromatic light
  • Instead of multiple wavelength laser
  • Output beam is brighter than monochromator
  • Selectable various wavelength by optical filters
  • Unwanted IR heat and stray light are removed by mirror module
product XBPA and XHQA Series Optical Filters
figure UV Light Source
UV Light Source

UV light output without IR heat

  • A bright UV light with desirable wavelength range
  • UV light with blocking IR heat
  • It is also possible to obtain a desirable UV wavelength range with
    the combination of a mirror module and optical filters.
    *If you would like to know about a combination of filters, please contact us.
figure Photoisomerization of Azobenzene
Photochromic Materials Research
  • Heatless monochromatic light source suitable for research of photochromic behavior
  • Embedded filter wheel enables to select any desirable wavelength (UV - VIS)
figure Trans-form abd Cis-form
figure Light absorbance of TiO2 and Max-303 + bandpass filter
Photocatalytic Study
  • Suitable for evaluation of wavelength response
  • Embedded filter wheel enables to select any desirable wavelength (UV - VIS)
figure Diagram
 Other Applications
  • Artificial photosynthesis
  • Fluorescent observation
  • Photodynamic therapy

...and for other Research & Development

product XBPA and XHQA Series Optical Filters
Optical Filters

Asahi Spectra produces varieties of precise optical filters to help modification of spectral output from the MAX-303. Our bandpass filter series allow users to obtain the desirable spectral throughput to suit wide variety of applications more precisely while eliminating unwanted energy.

figure UV filter Example XHQA254
figure Mirror Module
product Light Guide
Light Guide

The illuminating light from the MAX-303 is delivered to the point of use by the light guide efficiently. We carry single legged light guides as well as multi-legged types for your different needs.

figure Light Guide Spectral Performance
product Collimator Lens
Collimator Lens

Collimator lens reduces the divergence of light from the light guide and provide uniform light output. It is suitable for directional backlighting which requires clear silhouette of an object.

figure Collimator Lens



Output wavelength

235* - 1050nm *Design value


(It depends on the lamp and the mirror module.)

Circuit method

Switching power supply

Input voltage

AC100 - 240V 50/60Hz


(Input range: AC100 - 240V)

Apparent power

Less than 530VA (AC100V/50Hz)


Less than 520VA (AC240V/50Hz)

Lamp type

Compact xenon lamp 300W

Lamp voltage, current

14V, 21A (DC) *Representative value

Lamp life

500h (Average)

Optical axis alignment

Cartridge type (Alignment-free)

Cooling method

Forced air cooling


Pulsed motor drive

Exposure time set

0.5 - 99999.9sec

Light intensity control

100 - 5 (Steps) Continuously variable

Filter wheel

8 channels *25mm dia/ t=6mm filter is usable

Mirror module

UV Type(250-385nm), UV-VIS Type(300-600nm),


VIS Type(385-740nm), IR Type(750-1050nm)



Remote control

RS232C *The cable must be less than 3m.

Safety mechanism

Xenon lamp problem, Top door is open,


Lamp usage exceeds 500 hours,


Cooling fan problem, Temperature anomaly

Recommended environment

Temperature 10 - 35 deg C


Humidity 20 - 80% *Avoid condensation


196(W) x 345(D) x 302(H)mm


12.5kg (12.9kg with OUV lamp)